New York City Real Estate – The High Line

August 7th, 2007 Author:

            If you are looking to buy real estate in New York City, look no further than the High Line. The High was built in the 1930’s but was unused until the 1980’s. An elevated platform that has sat idle for several decades has been transformed into a promenade garden. This area which can be summed up as the mecca of cosmopolitan hip is fast becoming a hunting ground for savy commercial real estate entrepeneurs. The real estate covers north of W 14th Street and south of W 34th Street. Commercial lenders are more willing to offer mortgages to qualified borrowers in this area to spur urban development. This section of N.Y.C. may continue to increase in value even bucking the recent credit crunch because prices have been depressed for so long that bargains still do exist.

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